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October 31, 2011

Scientific Intake seeks to raise $1M

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ATLANTA, GA - An Atlanta-based medical device maker has raised more than half of a planned $1 million raise, according to a Securities & Exchange Commission filing.Scientific Intake has developed a weight loss product that helps people eat slower, thereby eating less.

People eat too quickly and eat too much before they feel full - or satisfied.

Scientific Intake’s Smart device is removable, custom-made oral device that is placed in the roof of the mouth while eating.

The device makes the wearer take smaller bites, slowing food intake.

By slowing food intake, it triggers the body’s built-in satiety response when one has eaten less food, so users feel satisfied, but on less calories.

Scientific Intake’s CEO is William Longley. Dudley Pryor was also listed as an executive in the filing.

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